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Real Meizu M8! Absolutely true Meizu M8! Meizu M8 real planes and spy photos

Universal Car Charger 1pcs DC 3. JNI Beautiful Store. Phone TPU Store. QGeeM Official Store. OK this is just about as blatant as you can get, but you have to admire just how damn quick people can be to stamp out a copy as close as this.

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Nasty iPod take. Not since the Soviets built the Concordski has it been possible to copy something such that it loses all of its original grace and beauty.

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Pocket media player. The Mark 1 Shuffle is the one iPod that we wish people would copy.

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Ever since the update, which shaved less off the size than the thing you use to wind your headphone cords around, you have to remember where you left the charger. The chewing gum packet Shuffle never had this problem, plugging straight into a USB port.

The Micromaxx MM This is an iPod clone that sold well in the German market. Its battery lasts 27 years and it runs on bio-Diesel. Teclast T Vote for the most blatant.

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Follow daveg. The iPod is the shape of a packet of cigs, has a small screen and round control interface below it. It comes in colors including white.

The Zune is the shape of a packet of cigs, has a small screen and round control interface below it. Posted by David Galbraith Follow daveg. Rip off actually called iPod.


What is the betting that Apple is going to use this font, which is available for free with a pack of Cheerios, for the next generation iPod? Neon MP4 Player. Aboss iPocket. The Aboss iPocket is another clone that falls into the — severely taking the piss category, by coming in exactly the same colors as the old Nano.