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The big new features for iOS 13 are dark mode, which turns the interface from a predominately black text on white background to white text on a dark background, either manually or on a schedule. You can now also long-press on control centre buttons such as Bluetooth or wifi, first to open a up more detail, then a second time to open up a quick connect menu as well as a button to take you straight to the appropriate place in the settings app for more extensive changes.

A few new privacy options are welcome, including the ability to silence unknown and spam callers and finer-grain location permissions. It means you can safely use the phone for longer as you will continue to get important security updates as well as new features via iOS version updates. The iPhone 11 has a new dual megapixel camera on the back. Oddly you get an ultra-wide camera alongside a standard camera, not the more typical 2x optical zoom camera. Apple has significantly upped its game in the camera department this year, particularly in poor lighting conditions.

Photos in good lighting conditions are some of the best on a smartphone, producing detail-rich and colour-accurate photos. The main camera is good, but the ultrawide is arguably the best in its class and is a lot of fun to shoot with. Portrait mode is good too, and unlike on the XR can be used on more than just people. The automatic mode takes multiple frames between one and three seconds when handheld, depending on available light and how much you are shaking the phone.

The selfie camera in particular produces somewhat grainy images here, but shoots great photos in better lighting conditions. Video capture from the rear camera is fantastic, and easy to use, arguably better than rivals. The front-facing camera can also offers slow-motion selfies, which kids will love. Overall the camera on the iPhone 11 is a big step up, equalling or exceeding rivals from the first half of in the most important features, although the lack of an optical zoom is disappointing.

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Bluetooth performance is much improved, with stronger connections to even the weakest of headphones. Qustodio Android iOS Kindle. It allows you to block messaging, apps, internet access, and to schedule screen time. Information is very clearly laid out in the parental interface, so you can quickly decide whether to schedule, grant, or block a request. This app is available for Android and iOS.

OurPact Android iOS. The free version offers web guards, app blocking, time limits on games, and basic reporting. The parental message feature is a clever idea. It allows you to send out a message that your child is required to respond to before he or she can continue using the phone.

ESET Android. Family Premier offers parents a variety of features and makes it easy to manage all those options thanks to its clean interface.

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You can also set Norton to issue warnings for sites that you may not want to ban, but would prefer your kids be careful on — for example, you might want to discourage them from spending all their time browsing memes on Reddit. Norton Android iOS.

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Some of our favorite mobile antivirus options have pretty good parental controls too, and Kaspersky Safe Kids falls squarely into that bracket. All of the above applies to the iPhone 11 Pro phones too. They just want to know how fast the new phones are. The phones are fast. Downloading apps is fast.

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Switching between apps is fast. Processing and editing photos is fast. Apple Pay is faster on this phone; Face ID feels slightly faster. FaceID supports more face angles too, which means that, as I write this, I can lean over the iPhone 11 resting on my coffee table and it will unlock. This means better photos and videos. The camera has been one of the most important features of a smartphone for several years.

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This means the iPhone 11 now captures enough information to take better photos from the start—and especially portrait photos. The iPhone 11 now takes portrait photos of my cat, which he is pleased about. Just kidding: He is indifferent, per usual.

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The iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro also has an automatic night mode, which instructs you to hold the camera steady for a few seconds while it grabs enough information to produce a decent photo in a dark bar or restaurant. The selfie camera has been improved too, a kind of cruel joke of inevitability; as you grow older, front-facing cameras get sharper, with wider angles. It has to be compared with the triple-lens cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro phones and with other leading smartphone cameras. But the iPhone 11 Pro takes noticeably better photos, whether standard photos, portrait images, or night mode pics.

In Portrait photos of my colleague Lydia, the iPhone 11 Pro captured truer colors and more of the details of her face, like smile lines and freckles. And in some instances the Google Pixel 3 still took better photos in low-light settings than the iPhone 11 did. Apple is also touting an upcoming camera feature called Deep Fusion, which will stitch together multiple frames to capture an optimal composite image. This kind of feature delay, particularly one that relies on machine learning, is not unheard of in smartphone land. Apple announced Portrait mode for the iPhone 7 Plus a month before it shipped in a software update.

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Google did the same with Night Sight on the Pixel 3. All three phones capture 4K video at 60 frames per second, but the iPhone 11 has something called extended dynamic range, which is like HDR for video. This means the phone actually captures fps and uses the extra frames to process highlights and lowlights in the video. The videos I took of my still-disinterested cat on the iPhone 11 look more appealing, with deeper colors and an undeniable crispness, than the videos captured with older iPhones.