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Oppo RX17 Pro review

That minor point aside, there are some good features on board this phone that aim to carry out the aforementioned task of giving people the core components of a good phone: camera and battery. The phone uses a USB Type-C port, so any other compatible phone charger will work, just without the speed. The mAh battery is pretty sizeable the iPhone XS Max has 3,mAh so it should see you through most of a day of heavy usage.

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Meanwhile, the camera is a perfectly serviceable snapper that should satisfy the casual user. Just make sure you watch out for smudges on the camera lens. There are small bonuses, such as the in-display fingerprint scanner and the microSD expansion. The in-display fingerprint is not as responsive as one would like it to be and often fails to recognize the fingerprint. ColorOS 5. The provided USB Type-C in-ear headphones are cool but if you have better performing conventional headphones, be ready to account for a Type-C to 3.

We weren't expecting any IP ratings but some sort of minimal protection against dust and water ingress would have been great to have. This phone would have been hard to recommend back then, but over the past few months the R17 Pro has had several price cuts. Still, the R17 Pro faces stiff competition from several flagship killers including the Asus ZenFone 5Z , OnePlus 6T, and the Honor View 20 to name a few, all of which offer a better alternative if raw performance is what you are after.

The Oppo R17 Pro is for those who like to flaunt their phone's personality and design. It is not a flagship in the truest sense but offers great performance and low-light imaging that not many upper-midrangers can stake a claim to. But all that comes at a premium that not many would be willing to cough up the dough for.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Qualcomm Adreno Primary Camera: 20 MPix 12M f1.

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Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. Oppo R17 Pro - Box. Oppo R17 Pro - Box full resolution. Oppo R17 Pro - Front panel full resolution. Oppo R17 Pro - Rear panel with triple cameras full resolution. Oppo R17 Pro - Top with antenna lines and noise-canceling microphone full resolution.

Oppo R17 Pro - Left with volume rocker full resolution. Oppo R17 Pro - Right with power button full resolution. About Phone. About Phone full resolution. Charging animation. Charging animation full resolution. Homescreen full resolution.

Preinstalled apps full resolution. Notification shade full resolution. Recent apps screen full resolution. Sidebar full resolution. Smart Assistant full resolution. Gesture navigation options full resolution. Lockscreen Magazine full resolution. Dialer and Contacts app.

Oppo's RX17 Pro is a good smartphone up against great competitors

Dialer and Contacts app full resolution. GPS indoors. GPS indoors full resolution. GPS outdoors. GPS outdoors full resolution. Locating Mode settings full resolution. Wi-Fi settings full resolution.

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  6. Oppo’s RX17 Pro is a budget smartphone you may not have seen coming.
  7. Other network settings full resolution. SIM settings - 1 full resolution. SIM settings - 2 full resolution. Ambient Display with indication for the in-display fingerprint sensor. Display indoors at auto brightness. Camera interface. Camera interface full resolution. Expert mode. Expert mode full resolution. Omojis full resolution. Settings for shooting stills full resolution. Settings for shooting video full resolution. Rear Camera. AR Measurement app. Indoors low light.


    Indoors low light full resolution. Outdoors low light. Outdoors low light full resolution. Portrait mode full resolution. Portrait mode - 2 full resolution. Indoors without Dazzle Color full resolution. Indoors with Dazzle Color full resolution. Outdoors without HDR full resolution. Outdoors with HDR full resolution. Front Camera. Front camera sample. Web Benchmarks. Web browsing in Chrome. JetStream 1. Storage Benchmarks. AI Benchmarks. Oppo R17 Pro - Snapdragon - Android 8. Realme U1 - Helio P70 - Android 8. Shadow Fight 3 60 fps High. Asphalt 9: Legends 30 fps High. Dead Trigger 2 60 fps High.

    System-wide EQ. Battery Life.

    All the fun things you need to know about the OPPO’s RX17 Pro

    PCMark Work 2. Cons - Slow and occasionally inaccurate in-display fingerprint sensor. Oppo R17 Pro. Review unit courtesy of Oppo India. Inventive smartphone. It also means this thing feels great in your hands: Premium with just enough heft. This phone will not match all your outfits, though.

    Even better, it will make all your outfits. What else can this thing do?