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Just got off the phone with a supervisor and his recommendation was to send the phone to them to try to repair. This would require me being without a phone for one to two weeks!

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Are you kidding me? You will regret it! Looking for a dedicated phone for TV and Data sharing no games no text no calls will the A20 work. It has an unstable network reception that also affects stability of connectivity. Where the network bar of the gsm service provider is full and stable in phones like gionee, that of Samsung A20 will be fluctuating between network bars making it often difficult to surf the internet. I hope to swap it for another phone this festive season. The camera is unstable.

Galaxy J5 has better camera. More stable even when shooting while the subject is moving,. Does anyone know how much data space is used up by preloaded apps on the A20 sold by Straight Talk? My S5 could not unlock screen.

Samsung Galaxy M20 3GB + 32GB

If I got rid of A S5 will break. What about this overheating problem with the A20 phone??? Thinking about taking it back?? Maybe this only happened to you? I live in the US, so I was thinking about different problems that might come up. I assumed that those who are complaining about lack of 4G are in India? I bought an A20 and have had no issues except the photo thing where there is a little blurriness but otherise its fine. I get 4G reception perfectly in Australia and the speed is fine- my teco is Vodafone, a shit carrier in Australia but still works fine.

Its no good for anything but basic to medium games. I have had this phone Samsung Galaxy A20 for a few days now. Hey James, I wanted to know how the A20 has been going for these last few months. Would you still recommend it? Advice me..

Samsung Galaxy M20 specifications and software

Connection quality is what determines gaming quality, and that can vary greatly with ANY phone…. I just bought the Samsung A I only have this phone and i have medical problems. My calls constantly just drop and end.

I think I lose money for buying Samsung A20 phone. The 3g and 4G signal is too much low. That has nothing to do with your phone. Distance from a cell tower and the extent that your carrier is throttling your signal is what is affecting that. Data wobbles from 4G to 3G. This is at my home, I can see the tower clearly 5km away, absolutely nothing in the way.

If I want to make a phone call have to stand on the balcony, inside wooden framed house calls hopeless. Will never buy a Samsung again. Seems to be an aerial issue as goes OK when I am in town within 2km from tower. This phone is wasted money…it overheats…has charging issues…goes off almost all the time…infact this A20 is a mess.

Please help. Which is better? For me, I like Samsung bcs I can change the fonts, and with beautiful icons and theme. But I like Lenovo also bcs of its 64gb internal storage and with good camera as well and with a lower price.

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But can I change the font using Lenovo? Which performance is better? Help me pls.

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  7. Go with Samsung. Also, you can add a gB microSD card to the A20, bringing you up to gigs, enough for anybody. You can open more than one app at the same time and can also use more than one app at the same time. There is a feature called Enhanced multi-window in Samsung Galaxy M20 which is disabled by default. This feature is quite similar to the split screen but it lets you allow more than 2 apps at the same, unlike split screen which only allows two apps at a time.

    Samsung Galaxy M20 3GB RAM + 32GB Price in India, Full Specifications, Reviews & Pictures online

    Sometimes you want to hide a particular album from the gallery. You can hide the album from the gallery in Samsung Galaxy M Are we missing any tips or tricks of Samsung Galaxy M20? Let us know in comments below. Also, make sure to follow us on our social media platform for future updates. My new Samsung Galaxy M20 is not able to multi-task 6? Any advice? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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    Right Brothers. A new member of the Galaxy family. Lenovo gets serious about gaming, l Global laptop market growth stunted Please share our article, every link counts!

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